Things To Know about Caribana

Fellas if you are foreign and from =south of the border in particular, women will either SWOON over you and your accent or think you’re a fraud. Hope you have proof handy!
Torontonians: Ladies, guys from different cities or neighbourhoods will try to use an “american accent” to swindle you, DONT FALL FOR IT. And if you do, don’t be surprised your chop has suddenly “moved”  to Toronto after “bana.


1. DON’T wear heels, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that is and if you’re a guy DONT wear your $200 brand new shoes unless you don’t care about them getting ruined. Open-toed shoes are also a major no-go if you are planning to get crazy and jump up along the truck.
2. DON’T bring expensive valuables. Yeah we know you wanna floss or you just cant live without your iPod but in all seriousness, when your busy having fun, that will fall off and get lost or stolen and you WON’T get it back
3. DON’T drive to the parade if you don’t need to, there is something called the TTC and besides the massive crowd it’s rather inexpensive compared to $20 parking at CNE grounds and then burn gas stuck in traffic go down there and to get back home.
4. DON’T bring a bad attitude. we all want to have fun and enjoy the parade, don’t go and ruin it for everyone with your sour self.  *sidenote* its going to be crowded, people are going to bump into you, step on your toes, elbow you and it will be too crazy to apologize. get used to it and suck it up.
5. DON’T consider getting sleep until sunday, or even Monday if you want to get the full experience.there just isn’t time for sleep when  ITS GOING TO BE PRETTY HYPE!
6. DON’T be shy! people aren’t there to watch and judge you and if they are then they need to find a hobby, honestly. Go out and dance like no one is watching and have an amazing time, it’s the LARGEST OUTDOOR PARTY IN CANADA!


1. DO pack light! fanny packs, the tiniest messenger bag/knapsack or if you have pockets, safe tuck items in the bottom of your pockets. you don’t need unnecessary things like your makeup,wallets,ID,iPod,3 different cameras,a notepad just in case and your lunch on you if you plan on being on the road all day. all you need is your phone,camera,money(around $20-$30), flag of choice and water if you don’t want to spend $4 on a 10 cent bottle of Nestle water.
2.DO wear comfy and casual clothing/shoes. cheap little shoes from the mall like Keds are great because they are comfy and you wont be devastated if the get trampled on. feel free to wear cute clothes but comfy enough to move around in.
3. DO wear a small amount of clothing. It’s going to be fiery HOT that day and the last thing you wanna be worrying about while jumpin’ up is how hot you feel in that thick t-shirt and black jeans.
4. DO bring a small digital or disposable camera. the costumes are beautiful and there will be too many wild moments on the road that you MUST capture. they say a picture says a thousand words..
5. DO be creative! People are always creating wild outfits to wear and heading to Bang On! to make custom shirts to grab attention at the parade. Caribana is like a free for all PR playground. everyone is promoting themselves and their companies. Try making Tee’s or even hand out stickers or flyers. a lot will end up on the ground but many will SEE them.
6. DO have a buddy system, if you’re with a group of friends, arrange for a meetup place at the end of the parade when lost because you WILL lose each other at least once during the parade. Everyone is on their phone in that area so making calls,BBM’s and Text Messages are near impossible and highly delayed so try your best to keep close to at least one friend out of your group.

Now as some of you may have heard, it is now $15 dollars to get access to a seated viewing area to watch the parade but don’t despair there is still an area to watch the parade and (hopefully) join in with the masqueraders alongside the trucks. Article was written by prettyhypeto.

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