Caribana offers Family events & entertainment

The Caribana Festival officially launches on July 7th 2019, however the majority of visitors come out for the actual Caribana weekend which is from Thursday, August 1nd to Monday, August 5th. For those of you who will only be in Toronto for Caribana weekend, there are still be a ton of family events to check out! The King and Queen Competition will take place on Thursday of the long weekend at Lamport Stadium, showcasing the costume’s of Caribana Mas Bands worldwide.

Don’t forget about the main attraction of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival – the grande parade! This highly anticipated Caribana event takes place on Saturday of the long weekend and draws in over 1 million visitors and Toronto residents annually. This cultural event is by far the biggest and most important in Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival.

Junior Carnival and family day will be held on Saturday July 20th 2019 @ Neilson Park.

Junior Carnival is an annual parade that gives children the opportunity to celebrate Caribbean culture and share it with their community.

Young masqueraders dance through the streets in their brightly coloured costumes. This parade, similar to the Carnival is made up of a series of band leaders displaying costumes in competition.

The Junior Carnival and Family Day event provides its audience and the surrounding community of Malvern the opportunity to experience the cultural presentation of young performers as they participate in their earlier years. Get your dose of fun and music here.

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