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6 Damaging Behaviors in New Relationships

6 Damaging Behaviors in New Relationships A new relationship can be so intoxicating that good decision-making is swept away in one huge endorphin tidal wave. The euphoria feels amazing, but it can also lead to behavior that jeopardizes your budding romance. Keep reading to learn about six mistakes you may be making that could undo […]

Three Things to Avoid After a Breakup

Breaking up is a lousy process for both people in the relationship. Whether it was a short fling or a long-term relationship, there are several things that both men and women should avoid after a breakup. These three tips can help you maintain your dignity and begin your new quest for love. #1: Don’t Cyber-Stalk […]

Can Your Marriage Survive?

Emotional affairs can wreck marriages. If you discover your husband has cheated with another woman, you might feel hurt, anger, sadness and confusion. The pain of betrayal can be devastating. Do you feel like an outsider in your own marriage? Strangely, emotional affairs begin innocently. For example, your spouse has lunch with a co-worker or […]

Don’t Hide Anything!

Trust is a very hard thing to obtain, or even give to someone, but it is the key to any lasting relationship. So naturally, building your trust should be the first priority in your relationship. It may seem difficult at times, but trust and communication are the glue that keep relationships together. Without both, the […]

Five Things You Need to Tell Your Husband

You got married because you were in love. This means different things to different people. But it’s important to keep that love alive in your relationship. While dating and engaged, you are on a high of love. You are excited to get married and start your life together. After you have been together for a […]