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On this episode of Caribbean bomshells features Lasty. What are your thoughts? Like, comment and share we want to hear from you!

DJ Private Ryan shares on his journey to fame

Dj Private Ryan is a native of Trinidad and Tobago has a very incisive mind and a steely determination to succeed. Since age sixteen Private Ryan was djing at the top clubs in his country at the time, The Base nightclub and Club Coconuts among others. What are your thoughts? Like, comment and share we want […]

Here are the best places to celebrate Carnival in Europe

If you’re new to the concept of Carnival in Europe, here’s a quick breakdown. It’s a popular event that takes place each year before the season of Lent, which usually falls somewhere between February and March. Carnival typically involves extravagant public parades and riotous celebrations. You may feel as if you’ve stepped into the weird […]

Bucket List Things To Do At Caribana

It’s that time of the summer again Toronto, Caribana weekend! As one of the most popular festivals in our city, things can get pretty wild. There are tons of amazing events happening all weekend long. Which ones will you pick? Whether you’re into partying, food, parades or all of the above – this is the list for […]