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Changing Times: COVID & George Floyd

Changing Times: COVID and George Floyd In case you aren’t on social media, haven’t watched the constant influx of news and haven’t stepped foot outside your home due to COVID-19, there’s a lot that’s been happening. Days before the world began reopening, there was another in-custody death, this time with the Minneapolis Police Department. But […]

6 Damaging Behaviors in New Relationships

6 Damaging Behaviors in New Relationships A new relationship can be so intoxicating that good decision-making is swept away in one huge endorphin tidal wave. The euphoria feels amazing, but it can also lead to behavior that jeopardizes your budding romance. Keep reading to learn about six mistakes you may be making that could undo […]

Three Things to Avoid After a Breakup

Breaking up is a lousy process for both people in the relationship. Whether it was a short fling or a long-term relationship, there are several things that both men and women should avoid after a breakup. These three tips can help you maintain your dignity and begin your new quest for love. #1: Don’t Cyber-Stalk […]