Shaving tips you need to try out

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of shaving, you want to make sure you get a really smooth shave and if you can’t seem to get that bikini ready smooth shave we’ve got all the shaving tips that will get you ready…

Here are 6 shaving tips you need to try:

1Don’t ever dry shave. Shaving dry skin is a very, very bad call. Dry skin is essentially rough and uneven, which makes it the shaving equivalent of driving on a bumpy gravel road.

Aside from being unnecessarily difficult and surprisingly ineffective (I’ve done it once or twice in ‘emergency’ situations), it leaves your skin irritated as you’re scraping off uneven bits of dry skin with your razor. This can even result in bleeding and scratched skin. Just don’t do it.

2Do have a bit of a soak. Or thoroughly wet the area you’re about to shave with warm water. When hair absorbs water, it softens, which makes it much easier to cut off with your razor blades.

3Do lubricate. Now that you’ve wet your legs, lather them up with the gel, foam or even creamy body wash of your choice. This will ensure that your razor glides over your skin with minimal effort and maximum ease. You’ll also be surprised at how much easier it is to get into more difficult spots if your razor can glide effectively.

If you have sensitive skin, opt for a fragrance-free body wash as a shaving medium.

4Do choose wisely. I prefer disposable razors as I find razor blades are ridiculously priced for something that’s just meant to mow down my lower leg and underarm hair. Razor heads that can swivel make shaving hard-to-reach areas a whole lot easier, and wire-wrapped blades are great if you’re prone to nicks and cuts.

Whichever product you choose to use, make sure it works for your skin type and specific needs.

5Do maintain your tools. Rather go a day without a shave than resorting to that dull blade that’s already been in the shower a week too long – for the past three days I’ve had itchy, irritated underarms because I was too lazy to get out of the shower and get a new razor from the bathroom cabinet.

Aside from skin irritation, using dull blades also makes you more prone to nicks and cuts.

6Do get the hang of a proper shaving technique. You should never apply pressure when shaving – instead, gently guide the razor over your skin. Initially shave against the grain of the hair, and go in the opposite direction if you have to go over an area again.

Treat bony areas like the speed bumps they are – slow down and approach with caution. Do what you have to when it comes to pulling skin taut where there’s a bit more of it (bend your knees a little, use your other hand to smooth down inner thigh and underarm skin) as you want the razor to glide as effortlessly as possible for a smooth shave without injury.

When shaving your underarms you may have to go over the area a few times in multiple directions as the hair doesn’t necessarily grow in a specific pattern. Bona

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