Black Panther’s badass innovator princess Shuri now has her own comic.

Acclaimed fantasy writer Nnedi Okorafor just launched a stand-alone comic for Black Panther’s princess Shuri.

Ask young women who saw the Marvel movie “Black Panther” who their favorite character was, and you’ll likely hear a resounding, “Shuri!” It’s not hard to see why. The younger sister of King T’Challa is smart, spunky, cool under pressure, and unapologetic in her badassery.

And now the genius princess has her own stand-alone comic. Nnedi Okorafor, known for her African-based science fiction and fantasy books, is the writer behind the new comic book, while prolific artist Sam Spratt is illustrating the series. Just the covers of the comics are enough to illicit a “Wakanda Forever!”

Shuri’s character in Black Panther resonated with girls who are interested in science and technology, but especially with girls in the black community who don’t often see themselves well represented in a major comic book series.

And Shuri definitely does represent. The strength, innovation, and distinctly African identity she exudes in the covers shared by the writer and illustrator on Instagram will undoubtedly inspire countless girls who see themselves in her. She is awesome in every possible way. Metal wings and bright yellow tennis shoes—this is definitely the Shuri the world fell in love with.

Okorafor shared the cover of issue #4, which shows Shuri hovering in the air wearing wings she most definitely invented, and yellow high-topped tennis shoes that ring true to her unique fashion sense.

One of the things we love about Shuri is her quirky style that juxtaposes her youthful flair with her beyond-her-years brilliance. She’s not a serious, studious, boring brainiac—she’s fun, creative, and incredibly relatable, even as she’s putting the best scientists and engineers to shame in her lab.

And I’d bet dollars to donuts those shoes have some kind of secret special power. Guess we’ll have to wait until Issue #4 to find out . . .By: Annie Reneau |


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