Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

Julie Gerstein  has shared with us 46 styling tips every women should know on BuzzFeed  we have chosen our favorite ten to share with you.

1. Invest in a bra that really fits.
“Get a bra that’s perfect for you. I’ve seen a number of outfits that could have been perfect if only she had worn the perfect bra.”

2. Remember size ain’t nothing but a number.
“Pay less attention to the size of something and more to the fit. I’m a small but I can buy a large in something and it’s a completely different look.”

3. Always bet on black.

“When in doubt, wear black on black.”

4. Keep your closet simple.
“I only ever wear different versions of the same thing, and stick to the one colour scheme. Has made life easier, less expensive, and I always feel great.”

5. A bright scarf can make all the difference, especially in the winter.
“Cute scarves make it look like I’m at least trying.”

6. Follow this tip for longer-looking legs:
“For instant longer-looking legs: shoes in the same color as your trousers.”

7. Experiment with lip color.
“A bold lip changes the entire feel of an outfit.”

8. Make sure you can wear something multiple ways.
“If I can’t think of at least two places to wear it, don’t buy it.”

9. Try mixing patterns very subtly

“I wear a lot of patterned sweaters with jeans and a lightly patterned-button down. It’s impossible to go wrong; as long as you have one pattern that is the main focus and another that’s barely there, you look fantastic.”

10. Try a high-waisted look

“I’m short and chubby so I really dig the high-waist, crop top look, as long as everything fits well! Cropped sweaters and high-waist skirts are my fav right now.”


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