Easy Ways to Break Out of a Style Rut

Staring at your packed closet for 20 minutes and still maintaining you have nothing to wear. Suddenly hating everything you own. Getting unusually upset at your reflection. If you’ve done any or all of these things lately, you might be stuck in a serious style rut, ladies. The good news? Breaking out doesn’t have to be a big song and dance that involves overhauling your entire wardrobe and spending an ungodly amount of money on labels.

In fact, all it really takes is a few thoughtful tweaks to totally transform your look and break out of that style rut for good. Read on for 9 easy tips to try this second!

1. If you normally wear heels, start to wear flats—and vice versa. It’s useful to think about the power footwear can harness when it comes to changing our look. After all, our clothes typically fall in line with the shoes we wear, so switching things up can lend a totally unexpected twist to pieces you already have. If you’re someone who’s in heels every day, start testing out this season’s amazingly chic flat shoes like pointy loafers, Birkenstock-style slides, or slip-on sneakers. You’d be surprised how different your clothes start to look. Basic pieces like black ankle trousers or a short swingy skirt could look preditable with heels, but think about how they’ll appear with a pair of checkered Vans—totally reinvented and very modern. Likewise, if you’re someone who’s always in flat shoes, try reaching for a pair of cool heels a few times a week, even if your outfit is just jeans and a tee. Your clothes will hang differently, and you’ll look taller, both of which can shake up your look.

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2. Pair up colors with colors … Even if you’re someone who isn’t afraid of color, odds are you still rely pretty heavily on the neutral players in your wardrobe. That said, it’s amazing how refreshed your clothing can look when you start pairing up colors with colors. For example, instead of wearing those slouchy lavender trousers with a basic black top, why not try them with that awesome yellow blazer you have or a baby blue cashmere sweater? Designers often pair their colorful pieces together on the runway, which gives collections an amazingly modern feel, so why not try it out with items you already own?


















3. … Or really amp up your neutrals  If you’re not someone particularly into wearing a great deal of color—red and fuchsia isn’t for everyone, we know—why not really amp up your use of  neutrals instead? It’s very easy to break out of a style rut using very basic pieces styled in new ways. For example, buttoning up your white blouse to the top and pairing it with black or navy trousers that fit perfectly or high-waist black shorts will give your look a modern minimalist vibe that’s simple but incredibly cool.

4. Replace old accessories with trendy accessories.  Trendy has become something of a dirty word, but in truth, there’s nothing wrong with embracing the ones you truly like. That’s what makes fashion fun, right?  If you really feel like you’re in a style rut, why not seek out updated versions of accessories you already own and wear, which will absolutely make your clothes feel more now. For example, if you’re someone who loves flip-flops or flat gladiators in the summer, try replacing them with a pair of flat pool-style slides, which are trendy right now but look quite modern. Same goes for smaller accessories like sunglasses—this year, we’re seeing tons of cool pastel shades that’ll instantly lend any outfit a cool-girl vibe. Sick of your oversized work satchel that felt fresh a season or two ago? Replace it with an of-the-moment leather bucket bag. The best part? Fast fashion emporiums like ASOS, Forever 21 and Zara are packed with these on-trend items at comfortable price points, so you won’t run the risk of being a slave to fashion (i.e., shelling out crazy cash for items you know might not be in your arsenal next year.)

5. Start wearing bold lipstick. The cheapest and easiet way to break out of a style rut? Play with bold lipstick shades, like matte orange, bright red, or flamingo pink. You’d be amazed how something so easy can transform your look.

6. Join Pinterest Honestly, what better way to break out of a fashion rut than by keeping looks you love in one place? Pinterest is an amazing tool for finding and organizing inspiring photos of outfits, accessories, hair, makeup, and more. Plus, when you’re standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear, a quick check of Pinterest provides instantaneous outfit ideas to copy.

7. Put another piece of jewelry on before leaving the house.  You know that hackneyed fashion rulethat states women should take off one accessory before leaving the house? It’s lame! As fabulous women like Iris Apfel have proven time and time again, piling on the bling can be fabulous and totally idiosyncratic.

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7. Don’t separate your “dressy” and “casual” pieces. A modern trick to looking like the most effortlessly stylish girl in the room: Pair dressy bottoms (a maxi skirt, a leather or beaded skirt, silk or metallic pants) with a casual top (a plain gray sweatshirt, a graphic tee, or a broken-in denim shirt.) Not only will this create a parade of new outfits to try, but it’ll allow you get more wear out of pieces that might sit in your closet until you have someone fancy to go. 

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8. Part your hair on a different side. Obviously cutting and dying your hair are real style-rut remedies, but did you know experimenting with a brand-new look can be as simple as parting your hair on one side if you’re normally a center-part gal? In fact, it turns out there’s a science to figuring out which part flatters your facial features most. Eufora Global Educator and Stylist, Jeffrey Mayo, gave our sister site Daily Makeover his tips on how to get your most flattering part with a few easy steps. A total game changer!

9. Fake a bold brow Even if you don’t have super-thick eyebrows, using right tools to darken and thicken them a smidge can change up your whole look—it makes your face look stronger, and—if you have lighter hair—brows a tad darker can look incredibly chic. The trick is finding a natural-looking shade that’s a degree or two deeper than your normal color. Right now, we’re partial to Dolce and Gabbana’s amazing Brow Liner pencils ($45), which go no smoothly and don’t require sharpening. If you’d prefer a powder, check out Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo kits ($23.) Oh, and put down the tweezers.

Original article was written by Perrie Samotin

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