Cardi B’s Fur Outfit Is Amazing this Winter

Thursday, Cardi B wore a giant fur coat in an attempt to keep warm in these frigid temperatures. Stars—they ~really are just like us~. (OK, so maybe Cardi B isn’t just like me, but at least she appreciates the warmth a giant coat can bring in these freezing times.)

On her way to criminal court in Queens on Thursday, the rapper was cocooned in a huge-ass fur coat and matching fur hat. Paired with oversized sunnies that remind me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the outfit is officially the biggest winter mood of all time. Cardi B also wore black Christian Louboutin glove booties (!!) and carried a black mini Hermes Berkin bag (!!!)—iconic even without the giant fur coat. And, might I remind you, Cardi B was walking into criminal court like this. Someone please write a TV show about her ASAP.

gettyimages 1091924502 Cardi B’s Fur Outfit Is the Biggest Winter Mood of All TimeRaymond Hall/GC Images.

The rapper was heading back to court to face charges of reckless endangerment and assault after a fight at a strip club last August. Apparently, Cardi B told her friends to attack two bartenders, believing one of them to have slept with her husband, rapper Offset. Honestly, Cardi B looked extremely chill for someone arriving for their court date, but I guess she’s not worried about the outcome. What are two alleged misdemeanors when you’re Cardi B? Whether or not she was nervous about charges, Cardi B looked iconic walking up those court steps. If you have to brave single-digit temperatures, you might as well be in a giant fur outfit and designer accessories. Article was written by Maggie Griswold 


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