Why You Need Caribbean Friends In Your Life

Caribbean friends are a gift like no other. When you find one to call your bff, be sure to cherish them because they’ll keep your ! We are sometimes known for being the craziest people you’ll meet, but in a good way of course… mostly. The Caribbean Islands like most anywhere in the world comes with a lot of fun, culture and good vibes- much like the people who come from there. In case you don’t already have a Caribbean friend, here are some reasons why they can be as necessary to your life, as your right arm.

1. They’ll be your personal security guards and confront anyone that hurts you. Caribbeans don’t play jokes when it comes to people hurting their loved ones. If someone’s being a bother, your good old Caribbean friend will be sure to deal with them.

2. They are all about spilling the tea. People of the Caribbean live for drama! And that makes life with them quite juicy, but just know that it’s all just fun to your Caribbean friends. Don’t be afraid to join in on the gossiping… or gaffing as some of us call it.

3. They know how to party and love doing it often. If partying had a place of origin, it would probably be somewhere in the Caribbean. They take parties to the next level, especially with their fine selection of alcohols from the Caribbean.

4. They are loud, you’ll hear it for yourself! Caribbeans just speak loud, and there is no specific reason why.Even the most quiet Caribbean friends will get super loud when they’re happy, angry or just drunk.

5. They will talk your crush into hanging out with you. Instead of beating around the bush, Caribbean people like to get straight to the point. They will straight up talk your crush into seeing you, embarrassing results may vary.

6. They always have food at their house, and it’s always delicious! Caribbeans love food! And they make some of the best dishes in their cuisine varying from island to island. So expect the fridge to always be stocked with Curry, Jerk Chicken, Ox-tail, rice and peas, homemade pepper sauce, or something equally delicious. And if they don’t have something already made for you (sitting in an old butter or yogurt container no less), don’t be worried, because your Caribbean friend is probably a great cook too.

7. Their music taste is bomb AF. The Caribbean is a land of music! Each island and country brings a unique musical sound and genre with some of the most popular genres that are constantly borrowed in pop music being soca and dancehall music. And if all else fails, they probably have an uncle or friend who plays the steel pans and makes every party LIT.

8. They are huge fashion junkies. Caribbeans know how to dress to the nines! They also have a knack for designer or sparkly clothing, so your friend will always be looking fresh. The Weekend isn’t the only Starboy around here.

9. They will teach you some of the best slang you’ll ever learn. They’ll teach you the real roots of the slang Drake uses, and they’ll teach you all of the meanings behind them. Although most of the words will probably be either insults or swear words.

10. They will teach you the art of “whining”. And not the kind of whining that happens during a tantrum. This is the kind of whining you can bring to the dance floor and move your waist in a circular motion. It’s both fun and liberating. Don’t be surprised if you see your friend’s parents whining it up at the next fam jam.

11. They are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They’ll offer up the same kindness and hospitality of that you get at the resorts in the Caribbean, because kindness is woven into their culture. They will give anything for a good friend!

12. They have a big sense of humour! Caribbeans love telling jokes, and also laughing at their own jokes.The West Indies is just the perfect place to joke about things, and your friends will show you that you can make a joke out of almost anything!

13. They are all about diversity. Caribbeans are a set of diverse people themselves, coming from various backgrounds including African, Indian, Asian and Latin cultures. So the culture is a fusion of all these cultures and more, so they’ll be more than accepting to anyone.

14. They will drag you along to all of their family parties, but you won’t be complaining. Caribbean family parties are even better than the club! With live DJs, open bars and tons of food, you definitely won’t decline an invitation to one! By Kristina Ramcharran   | Narcity.com

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