Useful Tips For Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Actually Happen

Here are some Useful Tips For Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Actually Happen

1.For starters, don’t set like a billion goals.

Stick to three at most. The fewer goals you have, the easier it will be to accomplish them. You can always tack o more halfway through the year, depending on your progress, but it’s advisable that you start with just a few realistic ones — meaning, if you’ve never gone jogging, don’t make it your aim to run a marathon right away. Instead, set a goal that’s less challenging and easier to achieve, like going for a 30-minute run every day.

2.Work on your willpower.

You’ll need lots of willpower in order to reach your goals, but we all know it’s not something easy to just **have.** You need to work on it, as if it were a muscle that you have to build up. Start by making tiny changes in your habits, such as setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier, or resolving to wash your face every day. Once you’ve got those small building blocks in place, you can take on larger changes.

3.Seek inspiration from a role model, and ask them for advice!

Do you know someone who’s already achieved exactly what you want to do, or something very similar? Go to them and ask for advice. Their experience can help you realize that the results are possible, since they’ll be standing right in front of you.

4.Don’t let the actual calendar date discourage you.

Don’t get discouraged if it’s already halfway through January, and you still haven’t begun, or if you got distracted and it’s already February. Time is a construct, anyway, and it’s never too late to reinvent yourself or your life.

5.That said, do try to get a jump on your resolutions as soon as you can.

Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” or a sign from the universe to start, because there might not be one. Get started as soon as possible, and you’ll find that the beginning-of-the-year momentum can take you really far.

6.Set super specific resolutions.

You won’t get anywhere if you set goals like “have more friends,” “be more knowledgeable,” or “be more healthy.” Be specific and realistic. For example, commit to going to the gym five times a week, writing to a high school friend you miss, or reading three books a month. These are things you can actually measure and keep track of!

7.Tell the people close to you about what you want to accomplish this year.

This can help you in several ways, because you’ll have people to cheer you on, a little bit of social pressure that’ll raise the stakes for you, and a support network to help you out when the going gets rough.

8.Allow yourself to tweak your resolutions

Let’s say you started the year off trying to go vegan, but you really miss cheese. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting your goal and deciding to go on a vegetarian diet instead. Focus on the goals you did achieve (in this case, quitting meat) and try to be patient with yourself.

9.Keep your goals in sight at all times.

Keep them on Post-Its, notebooks, your phone’s Notes app — wherever you can have them in front of you. This will help keep your resolutions in sight and integrate them into your daily routine.

10. Track your progress.

You can do it on a personal notebook, a Google Doc, or even a blog (if you want to make your progress public). Having a record of everything will help you realize why you’re failing when you fail and will help you document the little wins, too.

11. Create a favorable environment for your goals.

For example, maybe actually buy some sneakers if you want to start jogging, or get rid of junk food that’s been sitting in your pantry if you want to eat healthy. At the end of the day, you need to make it as easy as possible for yourself to follow through!

12. If you have big goals, break them down into smaller tasks that you can do more easily.

For example, if you’re planning on remodeling your house, think about what you need to do in order to achieve that: replacing the sink, buying a new washing machine, upholstering a sofa, etc. Each of those bullet points can be made into a mini-goal in order to achieve the higher goal. You can even schedule each step of the way on a calendar, and everything will be even more organized.

13. Focus on making progress one day at a time.

It sounds cheesy, but it’s very useful advice. Instead of thinking big about your project, work on a day-to-day basis. Say “I’ll go to the gym today,” “I’m gonna eat healthy today,” “I’m not smoking today” and start each day focused as much as you can on the present. Before you know it, you’ll have incorporated these new habits into your daily routine.

14. Reward yourself when you accomplish something.

To stay motivated and to keep mental and emotional balance, it’s necessary that you make time to celebrate progress along the way. Remember: this isn’t about you having a bad time.

15. Acknowledge your self-destructive behaviors. Write them down in order to have better awareness of them.

Sticking to your goals isn’t just about cultivating new habits — it’s also about really assessing what your obstacles are. Write down everything that’s caused you to fail in the past and come up with strategies for tackling each of those challenges.

16. Set goals as a team or a couple.

If you’re one of those people who work better as part of a group, set a goal with your friends. Sharing your progress with other people will keep you more motivated, and you’ll enjoy accomplishing goals twice as much.

17. Instead of thinking about accomplishing goals, it’s better if you think about creating habits.

After all, chances are that you don’t want to just change your life for one year. You want those habits to build up over time, and help change your life for good!

18. Finally, picture your future accomplished self!

Imagine yourself going on that trip you planned, getting the abs you want to have or landing that dream job. That pleasant sensation you feel when you see that image in your mind will help you stay motivated!


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