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The Heart of Summer is a love story about a young college student, Omari (Lex Kelly-Mead) who writes a book about an amazing summer experience after returning home to South Florida from school in Atlanta. Raised in a Christian home by Jamaican parents, life in college had transformed Omari’s identity from that of his family’s upbringing. After returning home, Omari visits church with his family where he had a brief encounter with a very beautiful young lady named Naomi Johnson (Tesh Beckham). Within days of meeting they both become inseparable and felt a natural bond that defied the norm of their very being, one that they both never thought existed. But Naomi’s over-protective father, Mr. Johnson (played by veteran Jamaican actor, Paul Campbell) would see to it that theirs would not be an easy ride. Mr. Johnson knows his daughter suffers from a hereditary condition and he doesn’t want anything or anyone causing any kind of conflict in her life. There is reason to his madness.

But conflict does find a way of getting into the mix by way of Omari’s present girlfriend, Jackie (Terry Ramirez) who decides to pay him a surprise visit down in hot and steamy Florida. Jackie’s visit turns everything upside down, and the drama gets turned up a few notches. Naomi and Omari are both trying to find their identities, and their way through life….balancing the weights of family and what they know to be true love.

Wriiten by Tedric Huff and  Mark Bridge


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