Newly launched Caribbean on demand platform

It’s here. We’ve launched — finally! From our early days of conception in 2016 when a graphic designer, marketer, videographer and film director all joined forces to create, to the amazing lifestyle platform with an on-demand video streaming service as you now know it. While it’s been a long journey, we understood the importance of seeing the project through— because represents you and her and him, too. It’s a place for creators, thought leaders, artists, filmmakers, actors and everything Caribbean. Too often, some of our most talented artists are crippled with small audiences and struggle to find opportunities to monetize their projects due to limited funding and scarce resources. With, our goal is to provide a platform that will give creators an outlet to promote their masterpieces and monetize. Essentially, we’re creating ecosystems for independent content creators to thrive.

In addition, we understand the importance of telling our story—uninterrupted, straight and without dilution. We know our story better than those who have told it, and it’s time we tell our truth. To make everything it should be: bold, honest, fun, sincere, energetic, and yes, at times, solemn, too… We’ll need your support. First, tell a friend about us. Share the link! Whether you’re reading about our latest Carnival trends or watching the newest feature film, word of mouth travels and we’re depending on you to make all the difference.

Regardless of your interests: film, fitness, Carnival, cooking, dance, MasLife365 will serve a multitude of facets.

Join us on our journey—your journey!


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