MasLife365 releases new documentary Green & Yellow

For a decade now, Barcelona-born, Trinidad-and-Tobago–based filmmaker Miquel Galofré has been making acclaimed documentaries in the Caribbean. Whether they’re about prisoners creating music (Songs of Redemption) or at-risk children discovering the transformative power of art (Art Connect), Galofré’s films are characterised by their boundless empathy for the marginalised lives they celebrate, as well as their unforced optimism.
His latest film, Green & Yellow, is a work of disarming and devastating simplicity. Shot on the streets of Port of Spain, it contains the interwoven, direct-to-camera testimonies of two homeless men, Sheldon “Sketch” Aberdeen and Shawn “Yankee” Brown, both crack cocaine users. There is no music score, and the cinematography is in stark black and white — until the closing moments, when the colours of the film’s title saturate the screen. The running time of Green & Yellow is just under twenty minutes; its power will remain with you for much longer than that.

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