New sex positions to try in 2019

New year, new (sexual being) you, right? If you want to start 2019 with added sass in the bedroom, think about adding new sex positions to the mix. It never hurts to switch things up. And even if you try something new and don’t love it, that’s OK. It’s all about safe and consensual experimentation and communication with your partner.

I’ll try (almost) anything once. But if it doesn’t get me hot and bothered, I’m happy to chalk it up to experience and walk away. And if your go-to positions work for you, that’s great. If it feels good, go with it. When it comes to sex, there’s no real playbook other than for pleasure to be fun and legal, and all parties to be on the same page.


If the idea of exploring a dominant and submissive dynamic appeals to you, incorporate face-sitting into oral sex. It works well with both penises and vulvas.

The basic gist? One partner lies back while the other partner straddles themselves over their mouth to receive oral sex. If a penis-haver is doing the face-sitting, I find it most helpful to use a pillow to prop up the giver’s head. One note: Be sure to pay attention to visual cues and communicate with your partner to gauge how deep and hard the face-sitter can go.

Modified/flat doggy-style

Jack Vitel, relationship expert and founder of Road to Solidarity, suggests this variation on the standard doggy-style position. Here’s how it works: Both partners start by positioning themselves as they would for a standard doggy-style (one partner on top, the other below), but instead, both partners lower themselves down so they’re almost (or completely) flat on the bed. So get down and get to it — 2019 will be a year of great sex! By: Charyn Pfeuffer | SheKnows


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