6 Damaging Behaviors in New Relationships

6 Damaging Behaviors in New Relationships

A new relationship can be so intoxicating that good decision-making is swept away in one huge endorphin tidal wave. The euphoria feels amazing, but it can also lead to behavior that jeopardizes your budding romance. Keep reading to learn about six mistakes you may be making that could undo your new relationship.

1. Being Clingy

In the initial stage of a relationship, you may be so smitten with your beau that you smother him with neediness. You call and text him incessantly, agonizing if he doesn’t answer. You want to be with him round the clock, and you resent him when he hangs out with his friends. Beware that you’re also being clingy if you’re poised to abandon your own interests so that your life only revolves around his.

2. Playing Head Games

Head games are simply tactics to control your partner because you fear losing him. You try making him jealous, you sulk or use the silent treatment, and you try to shame or guilt him into doing or saying what you want, regardless of what he wants. You may even cruelly resort to withholding sex.

3. Being a Drama Queen

Drama queens are so insecure about where they stand in a relationship that they resort to extreme behavior to command attention. Sudden torrents of tears, mood swings, and inexplicable eruptions of anger are sure to alienate your partner. You’re simply too volatile for them to tolerate.

4. Getting too Serious too Fast

Getting too serious too fast is a surefire way to turn up the pressure and turn down the passion. It’s not necessary to talk about the type of wedding you’d like, how many kids you want or moving in together. Beware if you’re also putting your friends and family on the back burner, telling him he’s your soul mate or popping the L-word after less than one month together.

5. Pressuring Him for Financial Information

Early in a relationship, it’s not necessary to know anything more about your partner’s finances than that he’s able to put gas in his car. You’ve crossed the line if you ask about his salary, investments, or bank account. Even worse, don’t ferret out information about embarrassing or stressful financial situations, such as whether he has credit card debt, bankruptcies, or IRS penalties.

6. Constantly Looking at Your Phone

You may adore him, but if you’re addicted to repeatedly checking your phone, the relationship will fizzle. Not only is it just plain rude and disrespectful, but it blares the message that he’s not interesting or important to you. You can watch the movie on MasLife365.com anytime. Turn off the phone and put it away.

New relationships are thrilling, but they can be fragile too. You may be unknowingly acting in a way that sends him rushing to renew his dating app profile. If you follow these six suggestions, though, you’ll have a better chance of making love last and establishing a healthy relationship.–

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