Embarrassing Things To Avoid Doing On A Date

When you’re prone to embarrassing moments, it’s hard to prevent them from happening, even in the most important of situations. But with knowing of all the embarrassing possibilities that could happen, you can easily use that as a guide on how you can avoid them! Here are a list of some surprisingly common slip-ups and how you can prevent or quickly deal with it for a chance at a second date.

1 Be a narcissist.
Don’t be so self absorbed that all you do is talk about yourself. Ask about your date’s opinions and personal life. If you wanted to sit around and talk about yourself all night, your date will feel like their on a talk show that’s all about you.

2  Forget your date’s name.
Even if you have the slightest doubt about remembering your date’s correct name, just keep it neutral. The last thing you want is to call them by the name of another person or possibly an ex. Do this and you’re definitely not guaranteed a second date.

3 Constantly check your phone.
Don’t even think about going on your phone in the middle of the date to scroll Instagram or open a friend’s snapchat. Your date will feel disrespected, so be sure to show them that you value the time being spent with them. Put the phone on silent and slip it away!

4 Talk about your ex.
Never. Mentioning your ex will make your date surely think you haven’t gotten over them, and they will feel like they’re being compared. Be prepared for a string of awkward silences after this and also to never hear from your date again.

5 Skip straight to sex.
Don’t get down to business just yet. Just don’t even get to talking about it either. Knowing your date personally is important information to have before throwing sex into the equation, so be cautious.

6 Check out other potential dates.
Even if you think you can slyly get away with this, you probably can’t. While you stare at that cutie across at the bar, your date is probably watching you stare down that person. This is a sign that you’re probably not into your current date anyways and there will be no second date.

7 Interrogate your date about their exes.
Exes are crosses to mention during dates. It’s like saying Macbeth in the theater. The mention of an ex immediately brings upon bad situations, bruised egos and jealousy. Don’t remind your date of their miserable exes by asking about them, and also don’t ask your date’s kill count. The number might surprise you.

8 Slide the bill towards your date.
Don’t automatically assume that they’re the one that’s paying. Own up to it and show your date that you’re fine with being independent. Independence is sexy, and even if you suggest splitting it, it shows a sense of responsibility.

9 Drink excessively.
The last thing you want is to end up drunk on your first date with the new person you’re seeing, and start crying about your past relationships. Or get drunk enough to have a one night stand you’ll surely regret in the morning. Don’t feel the need to finish that bottle of wine your date ordered, even if it’s your favorite one! By:Kristina Ramcharran | Narcity.com


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