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Band Culture

The Band Culture movie tells the story about four single girlfriends who decided to join Party Room Squad Mas band so they can participate in Miami’s hottest Caribbean event of the year “The Miami Carnival.” Dramatic, comical and fun Band Culture also features three young men who wanted a piece of the action only to […]


Childhood friends reconnect and an old flame is re-ignited. He is trying to make a name for himself in Kingston; she is content with her comfortable life in Portland. Will he convince her to give up country life and move to the city, or will she bring this country boy back home? Sometimes it’s best […]
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Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death is a touching story about Nayah (Onyama Laura) who marries a man old enough to be her father. Shot in Chomba village in the North West Region of Cameroon. Kiss of Death tells the story about an intelligent, obedient, humble, beautiful and peace-loving daughter (Nayah). A bad decision from her father changes […]
A Better Place 2020a better place artworkCapture

A Better Place

A Better Place tells the story of five UNDP GEF SGP funded community- based organizations through the work that they do and explores how their experiences in diverse communities impacts their view of the world. Infused with local music, stunning visuals complement stories of hope, resilience and survival. A Better Place is a feature documentary […]