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Campbell grew up in Kintyre, St. Andrew, His career began in 1999 when his lyrics to were recorded by Spragga Benz as “Shotta”;He soon started recording himself, releasing his first single in 2000. He gained the nickname ‘Assassin’ while at Camperdown High School.

In 2013, he was featured on the song “I’m in It” by American recording artist Kanye West on his 6th solo album, Yeezus. In February 2015, Assassin was featured on the song “The Blacker the Berry” by Grammy award winner Kendrick Lamar.  It was certified gold after selling over 500,000 copies.

In February 15th, 2016, on the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Assassin aka Agent Sasco, was highlighted on the Global platform; with his feature from the politically charged hit single “The Blacker the Berry” during Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated Grammy performance.

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