Content Partnerships

Founded by a filmmaker and marketer, MasLife365 on-demand streaming service is a global online platform for audience seeking Caribbean American entertainment. We are dedicated to building a collection of our culture’s finest independent films and we believe our partnership submissions program is an important part of seeking out new and inspiring storytellers.

Our platform brings together engaging stories to Caribbean American movie lovers around the world. MasLife365 on-demand high quality features, shorts, web series, documentaries and lifestyle originals represents some of the best on-demand entertainment of our culture. As a benchmark platform within our culture, MasLife365 is a pioneer in the industry by partnering with filmmakers and creating high impact marketing campaigns to promote storytellers titles for maximum awareness, visibility and getting better returns on investment (ROI).

All films submitted to MasLife365 will be screened by our acquisitions department. We do not distribute; (1) Works that infringe upon other creators copyrights (2) Pornographic or patently offensive films, or (3) Films which we do not feel are a proper match for MasLife365 viewing audience.

We want to see your movie project! Please complete our email submission form below. We accept movies in all lengths and genres reflective of Caribbean, African and African American cultures. Each submitted film goes through a submission review process before it’s accepted. Our current wait time to assess film submissions is approximately 2-4 weeks.

Contact us @ [email protected] and we will respond to your question or concern in a timely manner.

Yes, we accept films via emails addressed to [email protected]://

Film can be sent to us through a secure cloud system or with a password protected Vimeo account, which can be downloadable. You must provide a link with all your materials in one email.

There are no limits to the amount of films that you can submit.

No we do not charge any submission fees.

Once our acquisition team has had a chance to review the content, you will be notified to our decision.

Definitely, we stride ourselves in being the pioneers of responsible programming. We look for narratives that are rich in substance, thought provoking, uplifting, authentic and are indigenous to various regions of the Caribbean/Latin & North America and Africa.

We utilize a Profit Sharing Revenue model with the content creator keeping the lion’s share. We offer 6 and 12-month contracts with automatic renewals.

No.  We do not distribute any form of pornographic content.

We do not charge any fees for submission. There are various costs associated with pre-determined joint marketing ventures. Those costs are always discussed and agreed upon before any content agreement is executed.

When you choose to have your content distributed by MasLife365 you will benefit from creative partnerships, contextual sponsorships and primetime opportunities.

Once a video is purchased on our on-demand platform you will be credited your percentage of the rental and it will be paid out every 90 days.

Payments are made to premium content providers partners every 3 months.

You can terminate the agreement without any penalties.

Participation in a real eco-system designed to help independent content creators grow exponentially. We  provide a vehicle where content creators can monetize their projects and turn a profit quickly so they can continue to sustain a living from their art.

Contact us @ [email protected] and we will respond to your question or concern in a timely manner.

Contact us at [email protected] and we will respond to your question or concern in a timely manner.